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Privacy Statement

This statement is updated to reflect GDPR as of 26 May 2018.

This is the privacy statement of the HansaWorld group of companies. It is not a contract or an agreement, you can not opt in or out. This is just a statement.

HansaWorld is a group of companies that sells software and services to businesses. We collect large amounts of information about companies. In this process we also collect some information about natural persons. This statement is about these natural persons rights to the information we have about them, and their right to privacy.

Data Security

We value the information we have highly. We have security in place, to protect any and all data we have from wrongful usage. We encrypt our databases, our communication and our backups to ensure that no one gets unintended access to any information, including information about natural persons.

Identifying Yourself

GDPR gives all natural persons the right to request, within reason, a copy of what information we have about them. We will not give out such information unless we are sure you are the person you claim to be. Once we have confirmed your identity and a request is made for information we will aim to send you a copy of what information we have stored in relation to you within 30 days. To be clear, sending us an email or calling us is not a safe and reliable method of identification. We take your data safety seriously and will not send your data to your competitor, family members or any random third parties.

Semi Anonymous Data

We do not currently store any identifiers such as passport or social security numbers in our registers. This means we do not know for sure if the data we have happens to be about you personally. We will make reasonable effort to start storing such information and we will make reasonable effort to deal with identifying natural persons within the historic information that we have collected since 1988.

Your Right to be Forgotten

If you manage to identify yourself and demand to be forgotten we will make reasonable effort to anonymise or synonymise the data we have about you. We will not actually delete any transactions. We will just make sure they cannot be traced back to you. Please be aware that as a company we are bound by law to keep a lot of data, in not anonymised form, about the persons we are doing business with. GDPR does not overrule tax laws, criminal laws and many of other laws.

Sharing your Data with Partners

We do not give our databases over to companies like Amazon or Facebook that could add our data to their AI processors. However we will share, on a case by case basis, information we have with our business partners. This includes if we think that you would be interested in more of our products and services.

Your Right not to be Processed

We will not, without your explicit permission, use any data we have about you as a natural person for AI processing. Any and all data we have can and will be used for business related statistics.

Underage Citizens

We are aware that our software is used by schools for training. We do collect data on usage also from such students. If we find out that you are underage we will anonymize any data we have on you.

Portability of Data

We regretfully have to inform you that the kind of data we store is not yet fully portable. Until there is an industry standard for this we will address your requests by providing you the data in a format being as portable as current level of the technological development allows.


We will stop sending marketing and informational mass generated emails. We will continue to send automatically generated emails if they are transactional, like copies of invoices, ID validation or meeting confirmations. We will not ask you to opt in for this kind of emails. You will not be given an option to opt out.

What types of personal information do we collect?

The Treaty of Rome

This treaty gives wide ranging rights to EU citizens as professionals. This includes using any and all information they might have about other people for most professional purposes. We consider this treaty to be of higher importance, legally and morally, than GDPR.

The UN Charter: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This charter gives all humans their basic rights. To be crystal clear; GDPR contradicts this charter on a massive scale, like article 18 and 19. For example, each human has a right to their own memory. If we are to read GDPR as it is currently written it demands that we erase what is in memory in a human mind. We consider the UN Charter of Human rights to have higher legal and moral status than GDPR.

In general GDPR is currently very vague and we are expecting it to be clarified but as a company we have always and will continue to work to protect personal information and data security.