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BAS&IS marks 20 years with Standard ERP

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BAS&IS from Buenos Aires, Argentina, provides solutions for building automation, fire alarms, CCTV, and electronic security. Since it was founded in 2002, the company has grown from a small contractor to a nation-wide enterprise with a significant market share and large customer base including laboratories, international hotel chains, oil companies, banks, and universities. It currently employs more than 50 staff members and is still growing.

Business Relationship Through the Decades

BAS&IS was founded almost 20 years ago. At that time they were looking for software that could accompany them in their growth. They started researching and several customers and suppliers recommended HansaWorld and Standard ERP. It was a big decision for the company’s CEO, Daniel Juncal, to make but it proved to be right and started a long-lasting business relationship.

“We have trusted HansaWorld’s software with our business processes since the very beginning. As a young company, we needed a truly flexible ERP software that would meet our growing business needs. 20 years later I can say that we found exactly what we needed”.
Daniel Juncal, CEO

BAS&IS is a great case to demonstrate how Standard ERP can grow with a company to help it cope with increasing business needs, new regulations, and the changing business environment.

At first, BAS&IS started by implementing a few basic modules:

  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Ledger
  • Stock
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger

That alone made a big difference for the company, but their management team quickly realised the potential of the Job Costing module. This module allows BAS&IS to automatically estimate the amount of material and labor needed for every job. It not only saves several office hours spent on administering jobs, but makes the overall workflow simpler, clearer, and more effective.

While most of BAS&IS’s business needs were covered by out-of-the-box functionality, some needed custom solutions, which is where the flexibility of Standard ERP came into play.

One of the major customizations was the integration with an industry-specific quotation solution which was completed quickly and painlessly. Another important integration included electronic invoicing and business intelligence software—all provided by Golive, HansaWorld’s partner.

Giselle Pugliese, Head of Business Management & Strategy at BAS&IS, was in charge of the implementation and customization process and values the flexibility of Standard ERP:

“Over time, HansaWorld has always accompanied us. When new needs emerged, we got them covered every time. It sometimes feels like there is nothing that Standard ERP cannot do.”

Going Digital Made Easy

In recent years, digital transformation has become crucial for businesses worldwide. It is no longer just a fancy word but an actual need, and many companies are struggling through the process. For BAS&IS, this is not a challenge as they have the Digital Office solution built into their Standard ERP.

A part of its functionality is Document Manager which helped to improve BAS&IS’s processes even further. Document Manager allows BAS&IS to store their documents digitally in the cloud in a safe, sharable and efficient way.

“We deal with a lot of documents every day: project documentation, certificates, invoices, purchase orders, receipts and more. They are all stored in one place and attached to the corresponding job records. Moreover, many of these documents are attached automatically”, says Daniel.

This functionality allows BAS&IS’s staff to instantly access data from anywhere. They do not waste time searching. Effective document management helped the company to improve their quality control which is vital when dealing with their big suppliers like Siemens.

Document Manager also makes invoicing easier. It automatically attaches the documents to the ERP records and to the emails that are sent to customers in one click. Minimum manual work required.

To take automation one step further, BAS&IS is looking at implementing Standard ERP Business Approvals module. When implemented, it will reduce the amount of time needed to get approvals. For example, if there is a payment that needs to be approved, the manager will automatically receive an alert with all the necessary information. This eliminates the need to print the documents and take them to the office, or even writing an email with attachments.

“We make a great team; BAS&IS, the HansaWorld staff and their parters in Argentina, and it is this team that allows us to keep on improving”.
Daniel Juncal