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Villa Kazbek
How to integrate the front desk with the accounting and save 1000 labour hours per year

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About The Company

Villa Kazbek is a luxury 5-star boutique hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia, owned by the Swedish investment company Pervanovo. The company’s aim is to acquire the best located monumental properties in and around Dubrovnik and renovate them back to their former glory. Pervanovo’s policy is to maintain the highest standards of hospitality, while carefully preserving the historical uniqueness of every building.

The need

Pervanovo have been using Standard ERP for their financial operations for more than 10 years, but the front desk and restaurant were managed using other software. As a result, these functions were not integrated.

"Some records had to be entered twice which caused us a lot of trouble. In fact, we were just losing time and money.”
Silvia Stojčič | CFO

Another big need for Kazbek was automated financial reporting. Previously, all the reports were created manually; a very ineffective approach. This process is time-consuming and increases the chance of errors.

Other functions that Kazbek needed to manage effectively were:

  • an option to automatically split a bar tab between customers, which used to be done manually and was painful for the staff;
  • the ability to charge the bar tab to the hotel reservation in order to facilitate the check out process; and
  • an integrated restaurant reservation system with a table layout.

The Solution

Standard ERP provides outstanding in-built integration solutions for businesses just like Villa Kazbek. The company decided to use Standard EPR’s Restaurant module and the Hotel module for their reception desk. The system is fully integrated with the back-end processes, improving their productivity and profitability.

“We have been using Standard ERP for more then 10 years and we find it user-friendly, customisable and adjustable. So we decided to rely on it for the restaurant and reception desk as well,” says Silvia.

The implementation of the new integrated front-end solutions took around 2-3 months and had its challenges. The company even had to change the implementation partner because they faced a serious misunderstanding with the previous one. However, the new partner Krustulum d.o.o. managed to fix all the issues and finalise the implementation in just five days.

Villa Kazbek now saves up to three hours per day thanks to the integrated front desk, restaurant, and financial operations which adds up to around 1000 labour hours per year. The employees no longer have to monotonously repeat the same process over and over again. Standard ERP does it for them in no time allowing the staff to focus on more important things.

Favourite Features

Silvia also shared the team’s favourite features of Standard ERP:

  1. Drill-down. We always use this feature and love it. It provides fast and easy access to information in different parts of the software. For example, with a few clicks we are able to quickly drill-down from the profit and loss report all the way to the invoice.
  2. A ‘Split Bar’ tab. Now we can split any bill without having to do manual calculations. It is a huge relief for our staff and it improves our customer service.
  3. Automated Nominal Ledger transactions. This save us a lot of time and effort.
  4. Multi-language. The owners of the company are Swedish, so we use English, Swedish and Croatian languages. Standard ERP allows us to easily switch the interface language when needed.
  5. Multi-currency. We invoice in two base currencies—Croatian Kuna and Euro. The software allows us to create Nominal Ledger transactions in both of them.

An effective business management software is vital for companies these days. Villa Kazbek’s experience demonstrates how a truly integrated ERP software can help both management and employees run a hospitality business more productively.

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