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About Us

HansaWorld is a multinational software developer specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. With three decades of experience and innovation, our software automates business processes for companies all over the world, and provides the best business management solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our story begins in Sweden, 1988, with an accounting program created for Apple computers, the only mainstream platform at the time with a graphical user interface. In just a few years, the product was translated into multiple languages and internationally distributed. Before the new millennium, we developed a leading ERP client for mobile phones, recognizing early the inevitable demand for working on the go. Today, our product line is available on almost any platform, from Android and iOS to Windows and macOS.

Using our proprietary programming language, we offer a range of versatile business management software, available in over 40 languages on almost any platform, and designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. HansaWorld continuously invests in research and development to ensure our technology is ahead of the curve. We are committed to delivering the most advanced software to thousands of companies that trust HansaWorld with their critical business information.