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The Importance of Data Security

Protect your company's data with an automated and encrypted backup business system

Today, data is hard currency; and it is becoming more and more common for companies to have this sensitive data stolen. It is extremely important that companies evaluate their data security, just as carefully as they do their insurance and physical security. How? By making sure you have a reliable business system equipped with hard-encrypted data storage and automated backups.

To protect their information, companies must utilize the support of a partner or expert who writes customized procedures for their data security. HansaWorld has just under thirty-one automated software business systems available worldwide in thirty languages. The system is fully integrated, supports most operating systems, and can be tailored to fit each company's unique needs.

"We promote innovation and take the risks faced by companies today very seriously. We provide encryption and automation solutions that make data and backup management work safely and smoothly," says Karl Bohlin, CEO of HansaWorld.

Cloud-based, flexible, and innovative

Companies have different security needs depending on transaction management and the sensitivity of the information involved. As a system and software developer, a wide range of solutions must be developed to suit each customers unique needs. HansaWorld software can be scaled up or down to meet company requirements and can be automated to accomplish anything from an everyday task to larger complex projects. Either way, HansaWorld ensures the company's data is encrypted, stored securely, and has automated backups in the cloud.

"Our partners are also trained to guide customers towards the right solution. For us, it is important that the user feels the system has been adapted to their needs," says Karl.

Challenges in a digital society

Leaked business secrets can undermine the company's position in the market. The same applies if personal data ends up in the wrong hands during a backup. HansaWorld has solved the problem by setting up a number of data security plans including hard-encrypted backups in a private cloud.

"Backups and direct access to the system are hard currencies that you must protect-both as a businessman, and according to the new GDPR law. Data security has become increasingly important because information is the most appealing asset to have," says Karl.

Documentation requirements

Today, according to GDPR, the company has to know where all backups are, the company's history, and who has access to this information. It is crucial to have sufficient recovery mechanisms for backups and the resources to get this information on new machines in case of data loss or damage.

"The systems do so much more than just manage money. They keep track of inventory, stock and order statuses, and automatic orders. If a company that is dependent on its system fails to make continuous backups, there is a very high risk that they will not recover if they suffer from data failure and do not have the system updated," says Karl Bohlin.

In HansaWorld's system, backups are done automatically and require nothing from the user. The backup occurs in the background and is not noticeable during daily work-a great investment to keep the business running smoothly.