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HansaWorld goes fully electric

25 September 2017

STOCKHOLM - HansaWorld has sold its last fossil fuel car this week. The company’s fleet is now comprised of only fully electric vehicles. This is part of a concerted effort in HansaWorld to continue setting an example as an environmentally friendly company.

In addition to a fully electric company fleet, HansaWorld is introducing a €5,000 bonus for employees that make the personal switch to an electric vehicle. This will incentivize employees to get rid of their fossil fuel vehicles before their value plummets, and purchase a vehicle that contributes to a better environment.

With innovation in alternative fuel technology and automation, and the cost for these vehicles rapidly falling, companies are faced with the decision on whether to continue leaving an unnecessary carbon footprint, or to better serve their customers and communities with “green” power sources and transportation. HansaWorld has long viewed eco-friendly awareness as a necessity for the future of our planet and, as such, believes being a model for others while leading by example is crucial.

As a global company, HansaWorld is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint. The company began taking initiative years ago, voluntarily opting to outfit its operations with the goal for sustainability at the forefront. This included phasing out fossil fuel vehicles and replacing them with the latest technology in alternative fueled vehicles.