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The electric future for HansaWorld employees

HansaWorld is proud to be an advocate of green energy and electric vehicles. Our message is very simple: petrol and diesel cars will soon disappear. They have already disappeared from our company fleet in 2017 when we sold our last petrol vehicle.

To be part of the electric revolution, we have launched a program supporting HansaWorld staff members in purchasing a personal electric vehicle. Each HansaWorld employee is eligible to claim a 5000 EUR bonus towards their green future.

"There are several reasons why we are doing it. Firstly, we want our planet to be greener; secondly, we want our employees to be happier and more sustainable; and thirdly, we want to educate as many people as possible and help them appreciate modern green technology" — Karl Bohlin, CEO of HansaWorld.

This initiative received a warm welcome from our staff and five electric vehicles have already been purchased. International Channel Manager, Zilvinas Suliauskas, is one of the happy electric vehicle owners:

“I was a little skeptical about electric cars before I owned one, in particular, about their relatively short range. Once I have started to drive an electric vehicle, I realized that it was not an issue at all. Now I recommend all my friends to get one as it is fun to drive, it saves a lot of money and what's really important, allows to reduce my carbon emissions. I'm very grateful that the company helped me make the switch" he says.

In 2022 we decided to expand the program by introducing a 1000 EUR bonus towards electric bike purchases. The number of electric bikes in the world is rapidly growing as they are a great substitute for a car in an urban setting. There are multiple benefits with this form of transportation, bikes are easier to store, riding them is fun, and they also keep you fit. Graphic Designer, Eduardo Canha, is one of the first HansaWorld employees to use the e-bike bonus:

“My wife and I rediscovered the joy of cycling with our new e-bike. The feeling of joy and freedom when riding uphill without putting much effort in is just priceless. We have learned that many car trips are no longer needed; so many commutes can be done by bike. We absolutely love it”.