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Standard ERP version 2022-12-30

This version includes (but is not limited to) the following new development and fixes:

  • Windows OS improvements:
    • User feedback when there are delays quitting and starting
    • Better handling of mouse cursor
    • Better row colours in browse windows
    • Responsiveness when closing certain windows
  • Calendar improvements:
    • Visibility of Timed To Dos
    • Scrolling
  • Added support for the following banks in the integration with Yapily:
    • Danske Bank Business UK
    • HSBC UK Business
    • Lloyds (Business)
    • Natwest Bankline
  • Support for Leads in Workflow Overview
  • Webshop & CMS data export of attachments and record links
  • Fixes for 80+ pixel bugs
  • Brazil:
    • Avalara integration to calculate taxes in Purchase Invoices
  • Finland:
    • Improvements to SEPA banking file format
    • Company data lookup
  • Norway:
    • Payment export for DNB bank using ISO2022 format
  • Portugal:
    • Bank statement import for Millennium bank
  • South Africa/Namibia:
    • Payment export and bank statement import for Nedbank
    • Payment export for Absa Bank