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VAT Report and SAF-T Export for Norway

The tax administration has decided that from 01.01.2022, VAT returns will be changed to simplify reporting. They will now be based on VAT codes and the way to report this has changed.

To read more about the changes, see here:

Businesses are also required to be able to do SAF-T exports from all accounting systems. This is the standard format for submitting accounting information.

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Changes to Standard ERP and other Standard products

SAF-T Export:

SAF-T exports are based on SAF-T codes that must match the corresponding accounts. If you use a standard chart of accounts, the system will automatically select the first two digits of the account code. For example, account 3000 becomes SAF-T code 30. If you do not use a standard chart of accounts, this must be specified in your settings. In the standard chart of accounts you must specify the corresponding account and enter the first two digits in the same row.

VAT Report:

The new VAT report required from 01.01.2022 is based on VAT codes and not accounts as before. Therefore, it is important that standard VAT codes are used, or that these are specified in the VAT code overview. You can easily do this by setting up the codes in your settings.

  • Mapping: Nominal Ledger module >> Settings >> VAT Codes >> "Alt. code" column on the right
  • Report: Nominal Ledger module >> Reports >> VAT Report (SAF-T)
  • Standard VAT codes

New SAF-T changes and a VAT report are implemented in Standard ERP versions 2021-12-28 and later.