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Supporting not-for-profits and education providers

We have always believed that ERP software needs to be accessible for different kinds of organizations. Charities and other not-for-profits as well as educational providers often cannot afford high quality software to manage their operations, but they need it no less than successful commercial enterprises. This is why HansaWorld provides significant discounts for such organizations.

"We prefer to be flexible with this and offer up to an 80% discount for not-for-profit organizations and education providers on case by case basis. We have hundreds of such customers ranging from big universities in Lithuania, Zimbabwe and Finland to small not-for-profits all over the world", says Jennifer O'Carroll, International Operations Manager, HansaWorld.

Supporting these organizations makes our team proud. Anna Lasko, Channel Manager based in London works directly with several not-for-profit customers:

"It is great to realize that we are supporting organizations that help people in need. For example, Maggie's Centres provides free cancer support. We have a great relationship with their management team and I often call them to check how they are doing. Standard ERP is crucial for their operation".

Another interesting case is Kaunas University of Technology. This is the second largest university in Lithuania, and it uses Standard ERP to teach accounting.

"Kaunas University of Technology has been our customer since 2018. I think this is a big recognition of our software. I am proud that we not only help with accounting, but to teach it too", says Zilvinas Suliauskas, Channel Manager for Lithuania.

Not-for-profits are trying to make this world a better place and education is driving progress. HansaWorld believes that both deserve to have access to software that allows them to be more effective.