HansaWorld introduces ERP as an app

Taking the concept of the app to an extreme, enterprise resource planning vendor HansaWorld has introduced a series of apps which together form a complete ‘mini-ERP’ solution that can run a business from a mobile device. Each of the HansaWorld Standard apps is capable of operating on its own to deliver specific functionality, or they can act in concert to provide a broad set of ERP applications – and, because the Standard apps run on the same code base, they provide a smooth upgrade path to HansaWorld’s flagship Enterprise ERP solution.

Alan Sher, HansaWorld SAF Director and Product Manager, says the Standard apps are a revolution for ERP. “Each app can be downloaded from the Google Play, Apple iStore or Windows Marketplace, installed, configured and put into action by the user. It’s as simple and familiar as installing any other app on a handset or tablet, and you can get right on with running a business with them.”

The HansaWorld Standard apps include Accounts, Bar, Bookkeeping Lite, Business, CRM, Contracts, Expenses, Invoices, Hotel, POS, Projects, Rentals, Restaurant and Stock.

Remarkably, the apps use the same code base, server and database as HansaWorld’s Enterprise ERP solution which is used by over 70,000 companies internationally, guaranteeing an unmatched level of maturity. “Instead of rewriting our Enterprise solution, we’ve trimmed it down for mobile platforms, while maintaining native integration across both. The result is that for around R500 per month, a small company can equip itself with a multi-user solution with all the typical modules of an entry-level ERP system.”

The apps are available in 27 languages and incorporate regional tax and business regulations to accurately meet the needs of businesses in specific territories. Online tutorials are available to provide users with the training they require to optimise value from the apps. Available on a 30-day free trial period, the HansaWorld Standard Server runs on Linux, Mac or Windows and can be deployed in the HansaWorld cloud, on the user’s device or anywhere.

“With the Standard Server deployed, you can connect multiple Standard apps and Users to it, creating your own combination depending on business requirements. Each app is charged at US$10 per month per user; it is very easy to get a system running, all that is required is a credit card and a compatible device,” says Sher.

There is no limit to the number of users, either, and Sher says customers can contact HansaWorld partners for support should they require it.

With the Department of Trade and Industry indicating that 43% of South Africans work for companies that employ less than 5 staff members, Sher says it is these companies and start-ups which are likely to benefit most from HansaWorld’s Standard apps. “Any company that is doing its invoicing using a word processor or spreadsheet now has an inexpensive option to become more professional and accelerate month-end administration. With these apps, cash flow, debtors and creditors management, stock control and customer management is almost instantly enabled, providing the company with downloadable records and an ongoing history in a proven ERP system.”

Any small business, from a bar or café, to a small consulting or professional services business, can use the apps.

Entrepreneurs, he says, can start a one-man business with an ERP system which can eventually scale from the Standard apps to a full-blown Enterprise system with hundreds of users. “In so doing, the entrepreneur learns how business systems operate while growing their company. It’s a unique value proposition.”

HansaWorld’s Standard apps have caught the imagination of customers around the world, Sher says. “Already, we’re experiencing over 120 downloads every day on average. The Standard apps arguably demonstrate the height of what can be achieved with mobile apps and they’re available for South Africans to try out right now.”

Find HansaWorld Standard apps by searching your preferred app store or visit