i.SAF/i.VAZ data export created for Standard ERP customers in Lithuania.

Starting from the 1st of October all companies in Lithuania have to present VAT registers (i.SAF) and consignment notes to the State Tax Inspectorate. This is the part of the new tax administration system i.MAS (smart system of tax administration). According to Lithuanian State Tax inspectorate, implementation of i.MAS will increase effectiveness of income tax accounting, as well as tax collection results. It will be achieved by installing smart electronic services and moving data administration online.

More than 80,000 Lithuanian companies will be affected by this obligation. Adding new export functionalities to ERP systems will generate extra cost for most of the taxpayers.

HansaWorld always takes care of the customers' needs and try to provide all means for effective business management. We would like to announce, that i.SAF/i.VAZ functionality is being integrated in to 8.2 version of Standard ERP. Existing customers will only need to update version of the program, which will be provided for free.