HansaWorld Selects IBM Cloud for Mission-Critical Business Management Workloads

IBM Press Release Image

24 August 2017

STOCKHOLM - HansaWorld, a multinational software developer, announced today that it has selected the IBM Cloud to host its business management software users.

Whether users prefer hosting with an on-premises server, the cloud, or a hybrid of the two, HansaWorld offers the ability to tailor the hosting setup for their unique business demands. Under the new agreement, HansaWorld users have access to IBM Cloud’s flexible and agile environment with an infrastructure that allows businesses to scale instantaneously, adapting their cloud requirements to the volume of data and dynamic workload.

Both virtual and bare metal servers, or a hybrid setup, are available to HansaWorld users. The former is a multi-tenant environment often chosen by companies that deem flexibility and scalability as a higher priority. Virtual servers are a low-cost option and ideal for companies aiming to stay lean and access their servers on an hourly or monthly fee basis. Bare metal, or dedicated servers, are physical servers giving the user full control over the exact hardware specifications and provide comparatively more security and privacy. These are dedicated to one customer and often used by companies prioritizing performance and reliability.

HansaWorld provides Cloud Node technology to users hosting through IBM Cloud, which facilitates access to the MyStandard portal and complete control over the server hosting their business. This ability to remotely manage the hosted server significantly reduces the user’s cost of ownership and the need for expensive maintenance specialists. Potential errors and bugs are resolved quicker and more efficiently as the Cloud Node helps HansaWorld and its partners detect and fix issues before they impact the user’s system.

With an unrivaled range of technology, HansaWorld systems offer the versatility to extend throughout an entire company and the tools to automate business processes. Both the cloud setup and the business management software can be customized to accommodate individual business needs while running on all major operating systems and almost any device.

In addition to migrating to IBM, HansaWorld joined PartnerWorld, IBM's channel partner program, which gives gives businesses access to resources and tools, including cognitive technology and innovative industry solutions, so that they can build and deliver solutions on the IBM Cloud. HansaWorld selected IBM largely due to its PartnerWorld program, and the visibility it provides in the larger technology ecosystem.

Karl Bohlin, founder and CEO of HansaWorld, is scheduled to speak at IBM’s Hybrid IT event today in Helsinki, Finland.