Standard CRM

Manage customer data and analyze your customer interactions with Standard CRM. Start using the app for free with unlimited access to contact management, your graphical calendar and task manager. Keep an accurate schedule while managing your tasks and routines. Track your customer relationships, leads, opportunities, and sales pipeline for free, all within Standard CRM.

Expand the functionality and subscribe to additional InApps, from Quotations and Price Lists to multiple currencies and Categories. Comprehensive reporting provides a real-time overview of your company, allowing you to improve customer care and efficiency while strengthening your decision making process.

With Standard CRM, you have an app to assist you in managing your customer relationships with ease and efficiency. Storing all relevant customer information allows you the opportunity to understand your customers’ preferences and behaviors. Improve customer care with the mobility to manage customer relationships from anywhere, on any device. To learn more, visit the Standard CRM homepage, or download the app to your phone from an app store.