SiteMinder Integrates with HansaWorld Products

SiteMinder Integration

November 03, 2017

STOCKHOLM - The last few months have been very eventful for us as we have put our focus on developing new integrations that will advance our product growth and customer experience even more than before. We are happy to announce one of the latest product integrations that we have established in the Hospitality industry.

In addition to the vast functionality already available in Standard ERP Hotel module, we have recently established a new integration with SiteMinder, a cloud-based online room inventory and rate management platform, which provides a direct two-way connection with more than 300 of the world’s top hotel booking channels such as, Expedia, Agoda, etc. The new integration will also be available in Standard Hotel.

Here are some of the key features SiteMinder integration will bring:

‣ Allows to promote your room availability on all major booking sites;
‣ Reduces the need to update room availability status on every site separately;
‣ Updates every booking site automatically whenever a booking is received;
‣ Reduces the risk of overbooking;
‣ Increases your online visibility;
‣ Helps to manage room availability easily from one place.

By developing our product and adding functionality, we are aiming to make customers' routine daily tasks easier and more efficient. It is our commitment to deliver the most advanced software to thousands of companies and we are excited to see what value the new integration will bring to our customers.