HansaWorld integrates with AvaTax for Sales Tax Processing

Avalara Integration

November 17, 2017

DALLAS - HansaWorld has recently established a new integration with Avalara's AvaTax for Standard ERP, allowing the customers to carry out complex tax calculations with ease.

Standard ERP’s integration with Avalara allows for real time tax calculations and easier tax returns in the USA and Canada. AvaTax maintains tax rates and taxability rules on millions of products and services while continuously tracking rates in more than 12 000 taxing jurisdictions providing automatic sales tax calculation. AvaTax is continuously updated, meaning calculations are always accurate and applied instantly to transactions in Standard ERP.

Tracking rates and changes in the tax code are no longer exhausting and time consuming tasks as they once were when they were managed manually. Once AvaTax is set up, it operates in the background, while you manage your business with Standard ERP.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating with Avalara AvaTax:

‣ Fast and user-friendly tax management method.
‣ Precise tax calculations that are in accordance with the law.
‣ Save time, effort and resources otherwise spent on tax calculations.
‣ Calculate and submit taxes to the appropriate authorities.
‣ Avoid errors that could occur with manual data entry.
‣ Reduce the risk of unpaid taxes, penalties and consequential audits.

By developing our product and adding functionality, we are aiming to make customers' routine daily tasks easier and more efficient. It is our commitment to deliver the most advanced software to thousands of companies and we are excited to see what value the new integration will bring to our customers.