Mega Development Camp in South Africa

MDC in South Africa

December 4, 2017

JOHANNESBURG - Last week was very exciting for HansaWorld as we held a Mega Development Camp in South Africa. It was a five day event that brought all HansaWorld employees together to focus on important development projects and improve the product experience for our customers and partners.

During the camp, we worked on developing and making our issue tracking easier and more efficient for our employees and partners. Improving the issue tracking will make it easier, amongst other things, to follow up on the status of issues.

Additionally, we worked on introducing helpful tips and tricks messaging in our software. We developed the POS usage patterns in the next version of Standard ERP and completed a variety of other product related development tasks.

Being a global software company with offices in over 15 countries, our development camps give us the opportunity to come together in one location and share knowledge. During this Mega Development Camp, we managed to accomplish our intended goals while having fun with various team activities.